Kristen and her first horse, Gottanya

Kristen and her first horse, Gottanya

Sunshine Knoll founder Kristen Hall has loved horses ever since she was a little girl. After reading every book in The Black Stallion series, she even wrote to the author Walter Farley to suggest that if The Black Stallion and the Girl were ever made in to a movie, that she should play "the Girl."  

Kristen went to summer camp every year and spent those weeks grooming, riding and just hanging around horses. Every birthday she wished for a horse when she blew out the candles on her cake. When she was seventeen, her parents were at a benefit auction where their friends were bidding on a 2-year old purebred Arabian mare. When the bidding got too high, the friends turned to Kristen's parents and asked, "Do you want to go in on this with us?" 

Kristen finally had her first horse. 

It would be years later when Kristen bought her first horse as an adult, a Morgan/Arabian mare she named Gracie. A few years later she rescued a handsome quarter horse type named Seven. 


Essential Oils


In 2015, Kristen was introduced to essential oils by her friend, Tracy.

Since then, she's been incorporating essential oils in to her life (and the lives of her animal companions), and teaching others to do the same.  Kristen’s Young Living Member Number is: 3069128. Join her Young Living team here.

Kristen is currently working on her Aromatherapy Certification through Aromahead Institute.