Back in the Saddle Again


Well, I am happy to report that my kind, sweet mare is back! Gracie has been a perfect angel the last two weeks because I listened to what she told me...

She hates the dressage saddle I bought. 

I was telling my barefoot trimmer about falling off Gracie, and she suggested that perhaps Gracie didn't like the dressage saddle I was using. After she mentioned it, I got to thinking that she was probably right. 

I've been riding Gracie in my trail saddle the last two weeks and it's like she's a different horse. 

It's amazing how horses will tell you what they like and what they don't like very clearly if you're willing to listen. 

I am grateful to my trimmer and friend Erika who suggested this. The bad thing about horse people is they all have an opinion, and the GREAT thing about horse people is they all have an opinion! Sometimes it can get very confusing when everyone throws in their two cents. 

The nice thing is that I made the commitment two weeks ago to spend more time at the barn and I'm happy to report that I've done that! I think consistency is really key to having a great relationship with your horse. 

So when you get down on yourself about things, horse-related or not, always know it's never too late to turn things around as long as you're committed to making a change.

Kristen Hall