Supporting Horse’s Emotional Wellness During Moves

My horse Gracie is the very definition of an easy-keeper. She gains weight just looking at grass. She’s currently in a paddock with horses that are not easy-keepers. The owner of the barn called me the other day to suggest moving Gracie to another paddock with other easy-keepers. They would have less access to pasture (they are let out for a shorter time) and less hay. I was ecstatic to hear this! 

Gracie is very attached to her herdmates (which won’t surprise any horse people), so it will be stressful on all the horses. There are currently four horses in the herd. One is leaving as she is pregnant and is being sent to a place that specializes in care for expectant (horse) mothers. They are going to move Gracie at that time and bring another horse in her place. 

When something in the herd changes, it can be very stressful on the entire herd. One way I plan to support Gracie’s emotional well-being will be to wear a diffuser necklace with either Stress Away or Peace and Calming essential oil blends on it. I will also put a few drops in my hands and let Gracie inhale the scent from both nostrils. The good news is the rest of the herd will benefit as I walk around with one of those blends on my diffuser necklace!

How do we know that essential oils can support a horse’s emotional well-being? Because essential oils impact the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain and part of the limbic system which controls heart rate, respiration, hormones, etc. And if you’ve read my book you know that horses have the largest amygdala of any domesticated animal! You can now buy a copy of my book from my website or from Life Science Publishing (I’ll give you a tip: It’s currently less expensive from LSP!).

I’m so grateful for the emotional support I can provide my horses thanks to essential oils. Are you using essential oils with your horses yet? If not, what are you waiting for? 


Kristen Hall