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Emotional Wellness & Balance in Equine Life

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Horses do so much for us.

They teach us to live in the moment. Horses listen to us, put up with us, trust us, and literally carry us. They ask for very little in return – kindness, patience and consistency.

Essential oils help care for the emotional health and happiness of these magnificent beings. My hope is that this journey helps you create a loving bond with your horse.

I am thrilled to present the Guide to Bringing Emotional Wellness and Balance to Your Equine Life ... DIY solutions with essential oils; great applications for horses' favorite essential oils; and advice for you and your horse. I created it as a spiral-bound flip-up book so you can easily see each page as you work in the barn. You'll have this in your tack box for years to come!


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54 pages, spiral bound, printed in the USA on recycled paper

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