Let’s Talk About Your Horse’s Emotional Wellness

I’m currently sitting at my booth at the Horse Crazy Market at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. I’ve had a great time these last two days talking to horse lovers about the emotional well-being of their horses. 

When it comes to horses and essential oils, many people want to know how to use oils topically on their horse. That’s great! But let’s take a step back and talk about using them to support your horse’s emotional wellness.

I’m passionate about this topic for 2 reasons: 

1. Essential Oils are SO good at supporting your horse’s emotional wellness, and

2. NOBODY is talking about the emotional wellness of horses! 

I’ve written blog posts about why essential oils are so effective on horses, so check that out if this topic is new to you. 

I’ve been reminded by the conversations with all of you that horses grieve, they have their own opinions, and sometimes mini donkeys are tired of your need for validation from them (I already said I was sorry, Baxter!). 

Horses are emotional beings. Start paying attention to the emotional state of your horse. You probably pay attention to the physical state of your horse, especially if you ride him or her.  

Once you start paying attention to your horse’s emotional state, you can figure out how to best support it. 

Horse grieving the loss of a friend? Put a few drops of Frankincense in your palm, rub your palms together, and invite your horse to inhale the scent. 

Horse a little stressed out? Invite your horse to inhale Lavender from your palms. 

Horse needs a little pep in her step? Peppermint will do the trick (don’t be surprised if she wants to lick your hands). 

Start considering the emotional well-being of your horse whenever you interact with her, and you will be amazed at how your relationship grows.

Kristen Hall