Support Respiratory Health with Raven or RC Essential Oil Blends

Whether you received Raven or RC in your starter kit, your respiratory wellness (and that of your horse) is covered!

Although the blends Raven and RC only share two common essential oils (Eucalyptus Radiata and Peppermint) they both support respiratory health. I’ll explain why.

The following chemical components appear in both Raven and RC blends:

  • The oxide 1,8 cineol is a major component of Eucalyptus Globulus and Eucalyptus Radiata and is known for its support of the respiratory system. (1)

  • Alpha-pinene is a bronchodilator and found in Myrtle, Pine and Cypress (found in RC) and Ravintsara and Lemon (found in Raven).

  • Menthol, the major component of Peppermint, is known for its ability to reduce respiratory discomfort.(2)

If you want to know how an essential oil will benefit you, look no further than the chemical components that comprise it.

If I lost you with all that science stuff, fear not Dear Reader. Here’s how to use Raven or RC to support the respiratory system (works for you AND your horse):

  1. Add a few drops to some coconut oil and rub on the chest. The coconut oil, being a fatty vegetable oil, will slow down the absorption of the essential oil. Simple and free of petroleum by-products.

  2. Make an essential oil inhaler using 15 drops of Raven or RC and keep it handy at the barn.

  3. Put 1-2 drops in your palms, rub them together and inhale (or invite your horse to inhale).


  1. Do NOT put these oils undiluted under your nostrils (or the nostrils of your horse!) as the oils are very strong when not heavily diluted by a carrier oil.

  2. Methyl salicylate (Wintergreen) is considered a banned substance in some competitive equine sports. Be sure you know the rules and regulations of the organizations you’re part of.

  3. Methyl salicylate is the natural form of aspirin. Considered toxic to cats, don’t use around your feline friends. It’s in lower concentrations when in blends, so I use Panaway on my neck when it’s bothering me, but I would never diffuse that blend or use it on my cat. I only diffuse Raven or RC for short periods of time when at home, and I’m always sure my cats are out of the room when I do so.

I hope you found this helpful! Breathe easy, my friends.


(1) Anti-inflammatory properties of the monoterpene 1.8-cineole: current evidence for co-medication in inflammatory airway diseases.

(2) Nasal inhalation of l-menthol reduces respiratory discomfort associated with loaded breathing.

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