‘Tis the Season

No essential oil blog worth its salt would forget to talk about Frankincense in the month of December! As everyone knows, Frankincense - along with Gold and Myrhh - was brought as a gift for the baby Jesus. Frankincense comes from trees in the Boswellia family.  Frankincense essential oil comes from distilling the resin tapped from the bark of the tree.

Frankincense is wonderful to use on yourself. There are many great recipes on Pinterest and on various blogs for DIY skincare using this oil. In addition, it can be used neat (non-diluted) on blemishes on most skin types. Rumor has it that warts and skin tags aren’t fans of Frankincense. It’s also great for anxiety - think of it as a way to restore a spiritual connection to God or the Universe. 

It has many great benefits for your horse, too. Of course, if you wear it on a diffuser necklace around your horse, you and your horse will get the aromatic benefits. Your horse will also benefit from its skin-healing properties, so be sure to keep this in your tack locker for bug bites and other blemishes that horses sometimes deal with. 

When horses are grieving (yes, of course horses grieve!), it can be comforting when diffused in the barn.  

Kristen Hall