Help Your Horse by Helping Yourself

Do you take riding lessons?

One of the best reasons to take riding lessons is that your trainer can see some things your body is doing that you can’t.

Horse doesn’t back up in a straight line? It’s because you’ve dropped your right shoulder.

Horse’s back is hollowed out? It’s because your pelvis is closed.

Your body directly impacts your horse’s movement.

If you have a stiff lower back like I do, the best thing you can do for your horse is to use Panaway to keep your muscles loose. Don’t forget your neck, it’s stiff from all that time spent on your phone!

Why is Panaway so effective? Let’s look at what’s in it:

  • Wintergreen has a high level of methyl salicylate, the natural form of aspirin.

  • Helichrysum contains neryl acetate, known to help inflammation and pain.

  • Clove is high in eugenol, which is known for its analgesic properties. It’s warming, too!

  • Peppermint, thanks to menthol, is cooling and helps with pain.

If the Wintergreen in Panaway is a little too intense for you, dilute it with some V-6 Vegetable Oil or Fractionated Coconut Oil. Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream is also a great addition to your tack locker!

Your horse will thank you!

Kristen Hall